The amazing orchid care secrets of a Professor of Horticulture from Florida

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Did you know there’s a secret orchid care method that’ll make your orchids produce MORE flowers?

Or one orchid care routine you MUST do every Sunday lunchtime?

Orchid CareOr how to stop your orchids from rotting when you water them?

Well, these are some of the orchid care secrets of an orchid care expert called Professor John Watkins. He was a professor of horticulture at the University of Florida. Recently Professor Watkins’ secrets about orchid care have been discovered. Take for instance what to do…

Orchid care…what if your orchids become too crowded

Here’s what you should do:

You should never divide your orchids too closely as you run the risk of devitalizing your orchids. Many keen amateur gardeners used to separating garden perennials are over zealous when dividing their orchid plants.

Most orchid species should never be cut finer than four growths. The only exceptions are terrestrials such as Calanthe and Phaius.

Coelogyne, Dendrobium, Laelia and Oncidium may be allowed to grow into sizeable colonies with good results. Ten or a dozen growths are quite common in many beautifully grown, flowering individual plants. But that’s not all.

Professor Watkins has revealed the best orchid care. Also, he reveals what to do when you need to re-pot your orchids. He recommends doing this: When it comes to potting your orchids you should only use containers that will accommodate two new growths.

Why is this?

You see, if you use too large a pot for your orchids, you run the risk of your orchids NOT drying out fast enough. This means your orchids remain water logged. The result? The orchid roots will die.

Here’s a orchid maintenance secret to help you successfully re-pot your orchids just follow these simple steps.

  • First, cut the tying threads and remove the stake.
  • Second, pry the orchid out from the pot.
  • Third, use your shears to sever the rhizome behind the fourth pseudobulb.
  • Fourth, cut away rotted osmundine and dead roots. When cutting the roots leave as many white roots as possible under the leading growth.
  • Fifth, strip all of the brown membrane away from the bulbs and rhizome. However, pay attention when cutting that you don’t injure any dormant axillary buds.Once you’ve cut away the entire brown membrane look for scale insects. If there are any scale insects you’ll see them around the bud and the rhizome. And you’ll need to use a pest treatment.

One important thing in orchid care is scale insects. After you’ve treated your orchid for the scale insects, you can then re-pot it. Select a pot that will accommodate two years growth.

Fill one-third of the pot with fragments of broken flower pots. Next, hold your trimmed orchid in your left hand, with the back bulb against one side of the pot. Use your right hand to place blocks of osmunda fiber around the root system. Pack the fibre firmly, evenly and do not leave pockets. Make sure you don’t cover the rhizome.

The final operation is the staking.

Push heavy galvanized wire close to the rhizome between the second and third pseudobulbs. You then tie each growth separately to the wire. There are three benfits with this method: you keep the growths aligned. The bulbs are straight. And the orchid is held firm until the root system becomes established.

This is all very well when you know the right way to care for your orchid. But, I can remember the days when my early attempts at lorchid care sucked.

No matter what I did, the way I looked after my orchids – my orchids never flourished.

Their flowers would be…well, pathetic.

That’s the only word to describe them. Oh, sure, the flowers would hang around for a few days and then the petals would start falling off. Leaving me, with barren looking stalks.

My Orchid Care Looked More Like The Grim Reaper Had Paid a Visit

Every pest in the neighborhood used to make a beeline for my orchids. Make their home in my orchids…and…promptly proceed to devour the lot.

And disease? Don’t even mention that!

My orchids succumbed to any (and every) disease going around. This state of affairs used to drive me crazy. I’d spend a fortune in preventative measures. It was unreal.

It was as if my orchid care had been cursed. There was no getting away from the fact, my orchids really were in a desperate state.

And this wasn’t just happening to my Cattleya or Dendrobium orchids. You see once I get smitten with a hobby I’m serious. I don’t do things half-heartedly.

I had a variety of orchids in my collection. Including some Coeloygne, Cymbidium, Vanda, Angraecum, Ludisia, Sarcochilus, Disa, Pleione and not forgetting my beloved Masdavillia.

And they’d all get affected.

But here’s the thing;

The way my orchid care was. None of my orchids (expensively assembled I might add) would flourish. It was a total mystery to me. I couldn’t understand why. My orchid care was really good – so I thought. And it so infuriated me. I’d raided Amazon, the book store, for every book on orchid care.

I subscribed to every orchid care magazine. I followed every tip and technique…But…still my orchids never looked as healthy as they should. I must have spent hundreds of dollars on orchid books…and…still I wasn’t getting anywhere.

It was unbelievable.

My family and friends were ridiculing and laughing at me behind my back about my orchid care. Never missing an opportunity to ask after my orchids. And some were even cheeky (or blunt enough ) to suggest I get myself another hobby.

Let me tell you about one orchid care incident.

One day I’d put some orchids on my kitchen table. Getting them ready to re-pot them. But unexpectedly I had an unexpected phone call and had to leave the house to visit someone.

Imagine my surprise upon my return I was shocked to discover I couldn’t see my orchids anywhere. I searched the house. Nothing. They weren’t to be seen. It was only when I asked my husband if he’d moved my orchids that I got a reality check as to my non-existent orchid skills.

“I Threw Your Orchids Out With The Garbage – They Were DEAD…Weren’t They? …He told me.

Furious with him, I rescued my beloved orchids.

But in my heart I had to agree with him. My orchids weren’t good to look at. Perhaps the time had come to admit defeat. I was useless at cultivating orchids. And perhaps I should take up something else.

Trouble was I loved my orchids. It was then, when I was at my lowest point, (and contemplating defeat and jacking orchid care growing in) that I stumbled across Professor Watkins orchid care secrets.

You see it was these Orchid Care Secrets that I discovered which worked for me…and …I’m nothing special. Sure I love orchids. But I don’t possess any special orchid know-how or skills. Nor do I have any fancy expensive equipment. And like I say I saw a dramatic difference in my orchids very quickly. Will these same orchid care secrets do the same for you? I dunno’.

But here’s the thing.

My brother-in-law started keeping orchids once he saw how stunning my orchids were. He demanded I tell him how…and…what I was doing.

The Professor’s Orchid Care Secrets Worked For Me. And My Brother-in-Law. And His Friends. Perhaps They’ll Work For You

Well, the upshot is once he started using these same orchid care secrets, his orchids flourished. And he has no special skills. He isn’t green fingered. He’d never been interested in plants or flowers before.

In fact, he’s definitely a non-gardening type. But he sure has some outstanding orchids. And then funny thing happened. It was almost weird actually. He told a few of his friends about my orchid secrets and they all came over and demanded I tell them the same orchid secrets.

Well, I was only too happy to reveal after being thoroughly miserable with my early orchid growing experiences. After all, I didn’t want anyone else to endure the orchid growing misery I went through.

And all these people have told me they NOW grow beautiful orchids. And none of them had grown any orchids before.

Leading The World In Orchid Care Research

Remember I said earlier Professor Watkins lectured at the University of Florida. Well, it’s there that they lead the way in orchid research. So what do they understand (and teach) in this university about orchid care they don’t in the rest of the world? You’re about to find out.

In particular you’ll discover orchid care secrets such as…

  • The most inexpensive way for a beginner orchid grower to house their plants…without breaking your bank!
  • How to easily protect your orchids from pests and diseases. Signs you need to know to stop your orchids dying.
  • The ideal site to position your orchid house so they get the maximum amount of sunlight. Plus how to get more sunlight to your orchids.
  • The ‘insiders’ secret which shows you’ve re-potted your orchids correctly.
  • How to re-pot your orchids successfully. Guaranteed to work.
  • The three best types of potting materials and the secret materials you must add to aid easy drainage and soil conditioning.Makes your orchid care easy.
  • Is the water you give your orchids too acid or alkaline?

Discover The pH Your Water Should be and See the Change in Your Orchids Immediately

  • The little known 30 second watering routine, once a week you must adopt for one specific orchid variety.
  • How to prevent your leaves and plants discolouring when outside temperatures plummet. This one little secret brightens up your orchids instantly.
  • Why copying a hospital pre-operation medical procedure makes your re-potting successful.
  • Why lighting a bonfire the day before you re-pot your orchids is hugely beneficial to them.
  • Why you need to use a miniature canoe paddle when transferring your seedlings.
  • The only time of day you can cut orchid flowers which idoesn’t weaken the plant.
  • The best (and only) room in your home to safely store orchid flowers.
  • How to sow orchid seeds for the maximum germination rate. And the exact formula you need to grow them in.
  • The best place to buy new orchid plants at reasonable prices. When you move your orchids you’ll see why.
  • Revealed the exact growth stage you should buy new orchids if you want to exhibit orchids. Otherwise you could end up extremely disappointed.
  • Why you should never buy imported orchids apart from this country.
  • Which of your orchids you should specifically set aside for gravel culture. And the right nutrients you should feed your orchids when you do this.
  • What type of water is recommended for winter watering. So you don’t affect your orchid’s status quo.
  • One common amateur orchid care mistake to avoid when spacing your orchids.
  • How to successfully grow orchids in your apartment window…as…long as you have them facing this direction.
  • How to prevent the sun’s direct rays burning your orchid’s foliage when you keep them in a window.
  • The little known secrets to growing orchids satisfactorily when you’re an apartment dweller.
  • When never ever to water your orchids in the evening.
  • How to ensure optimum light, sufficient moisture and air circulation to your orchids.
  • One little known trick which make your orchids more attractive to potential customers. Sneaky but very effective.
  • When to grow Cattleyas with far more shade than normal.
  • Why befriending a farmer twice a week will pay dividends with your Calanthes.
  • The best way to present and manage your orchids which…

…Allows Easy Watering, Easy Inspection, Easy Weeding, Allows Even Drying Out…and…Gives You The Most Enjoyment When Looking at Them

  • How commercial growers water in winter without dramatically affecting their osmundine. Copy this and your orchid temperature and humidity remain just right.
  • How to ensure your orchids achieve the optimum amount of photosynthesis. Do this and you guarantee your rhizomes and new pseudobulbs remain straight and properly aligned. And the only circumstance in which you can break this law.
  • How hanging potted genera orchids in this way makes them thrive. This virtually eliminates any pests and diseases…almost immediately.
  • How to successfully divide your orchid plants. And why this rule doesn’t apply to certain orchids.
  • The optimum number of growths you should aim for in Coelogyne, Dendrobium, Laelia and Oncidium to produce beautiful, grown flowering individuals.
  • A sneaky way to multiply the number of Cattleya and allied genera you own into productive flowering plants. Serious orchid growers use this technique to boost the numbers of orchids they want to sell. Now you can use it as well.
  • The only time of year you should perform marcottage. And exactly how to perform this operation so your new orchids get off to the best possible start.
  • Revealed…

…The special watering regime for newly potted plants. This defies conventional logic of orchid care, BUT following it gets your orchids off to a flying start

  • How to pot the moth orchid Phalenopsis…Cymbidiums (there’s a specific rule to potting this orchid!)…Cattleyas (And what you must pay particular attention)…
  • The optimum day and night temperature range for different orchids in your orchid house. Yes different orchids require different temperature. Get this wrong and your orchids will never fulfil their potential.
  • How you’ll keep your plants dark green color for maximum sales appeal to prospective buyers. And the orchid varieties most suited to this orchid care method.
  • How to overcome ventilation issues in any orchid house.
  • The six essential criteria you should judge stud orchids on. You know you’re arrived as a proper orchid grower when you’ve bred your own first cross progenies. And this can happen sooner than you think.
  • How to grow your own orchid seedlings. It’s simple and easy when you follow this orchid care procedure.
  • The different types of orchids. And there’s Much, MUCH more.

Everything you need is revealed in: Orchid Care Secrets. It’s a goldmine on every aspect of cultivating orchids. No matter what orchids you grow. Imagine seeing your own orchids bloom once you’re using these secrets.

Delicate beautiful flowers. Which reach out and stop you in your tracks every time they catch your attention. Ice white fragrant blooms…Vibrant reds, deep and light blues, purple, maroon or yellow flowers… …Intricately patterned leaves in many different shapes. Dainty flowers, large flowers, bright flowers…even… exotic flowers.

More blooms than you ever thought possible. Healthier orchids which repel disease and fight off pests. This is what you’re rewarded with…when…your orchids are grown following a proven blueprint. Yet these were the same orchids a few weeks ago which were listless…or diseased…or not producing the flowers they ought to have.

The only difference being you’re now following a simple and easy orchid management schedule. One, which enables any orchid beginner to grow the best possible orchids even if, you’ve an absolute beginner.That’s how easy these orchid care secrets are to follow.

You’re Virtually Guaranteed To Grow Stunning Orchids Regardless Which Orchid Variety You Keep

Let’s look forward a moment. The feeling of pride when your first orchid flower emerges…well…no words can describe it.

Because let’s face it, nothing beats the stunning beauty of your orchids when they’re in full bloom. Once you’re using these orchid secrets within days you’ll see your orchids, becoming healthier. You’ll know how to get them resistant to diseases or pests. They’ll produce more beautiful blooms which last longer.

You’re NOW An Orchid Grower. You’re able to coax the best out of any orchid. Regardless of which variety it is. You see…It doesn’t matter how much orchid care experience you have. You can be a complete beginner and still cultivate beautiful orchids…once you know these secrets. Look. It doesn’t matter what type of orchid you’ve got right now.

You’ll discover exactly the right methods you need to employ for each type of orchid care. And…you don’t need any expensive specialist equipment. All you need are the real orchid secrets behind successful orchid cultivation. The thing is you really can’t go wrong cultivating your orchids…provided you follow what the good professor has to say.

You’ll know exactly how to treat each individual orchid you have…and…importantly, when to treat it to get your orchids looking healthier and more colourful. It’s like you have your very own orchid care expert standing over your shoulder anytime you do anything to your orchids. He’s there ready to advise you at various stages of your orchid growth. Unsure what to do? Then the professor has the answer for you.

Very quickly, you soon discover, as you absorb the knowledge of the professor you’ve become an expert orchid grower yourself.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Orchid Care Today

So you get more enjoyment from caring for your orchids. And your orchids are rewarding you with an abundant array of stunning blooms.

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If you’re ready to take advantage of a lifetime’s work devoted to understanding the importance of soil types, temperatures, gaining an insight into individual orchid care, the conditions under which orchids thrive and flourish…then you’re ready for Professor Watkins pearls of wisdom.

You must download your copy of this exciting Orchid Care Secrets right now. This is the first time that anyone has shared these orchid care secrets. And in such great detail. There’s a lot of information on orchids out there. And some of the orchid care tips and techniques are very good. And can help the basic beginner.

There are fewer really good resources which go into greater detail on orchid care. And what transforms ordinary orchids into outstanding orchids. What makes these orchid care secrets different is the detail, simplicity and ease with which you can transform your orchids into some of the most outstanding orchids around.

If you tried to interview Professor Watkins to record all of his orchid care secrets, sadly, it’s not possible. As he’s passed on. But now his know-how is still available to you. But before I tell you how you can get your own copy of his Orchid Care Secrets let me tell you about…

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